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Spico Corporation - SPICO Products Department

SPICO Co.  with many years experience in pump manufacturing has the honor of presenting high quality products compatible with International standards, indeed in the stages of Designing, Manufacturing all parts, Assembling and Packing. All activities are supervised by high technical educated quality control team.

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Spico Marketing - Industrial Super Market

 SPICO Commercial Department

SPICO Commercial Department:

The commercial department of SPICO imports and distributes all ranges of industrial and agricultural machines including pump, generator, diesel engine, gasoline engine, electro motor, gen-set and spare parts. Following the production of SPICO pumps, it has tried to import various types of rotor & stator, electric capacitor, stainless still bolts & screws, spring washers and mechanical seals from ITALY and also ready to supply the requirements of all manufacturers in this important industry.


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